Poney Poney Interview (Part 1 of 2)

poney poney
It's about time that France dropped another good rock/pop album (especially one that you can dance to!), Poney Poney seems to be just that. The Paris threesome has been around for a few years now, but has only truly discovered themselves and their sound recently. They make rockin' pop music with plenty of edge and sharp angles. The great thing about the group is that they're great to listen to as is, on the dance floor, or chopped up and remixed. And with their debut out on Arcade Mode, they're sure to be getting loads of play on dance floors all across the world.
I was lucky enough to get an interview with these guys, thanks to Dorian of the Teenagers' recommendation. Enjoy the feature and accompanying track!

1)Okay, so I sort of met you guys thanks to Dorian (of the Teenagers). Can you explain a little to me how you guys know each other? I'm always interested to hear about the connections between various bands ...

ANTOINE: MySpace buddy. I met him and Johanna of Mai, his other band, during summer 05. He was the first person who posted a comment about "AM Music", a song he knew from its first release. Since they both have the loveliest faces and I knew their music from a compilation, we had a drink and became friends going out quite a lot together.

(2)Your MySpace page says that you're from Paris and Sweden. What's the deal there? Where do you guys come from?

ANTOINE: Just a week long joke. I'll change that, people write to us in Swedish and I only know how to say thanks, "tack". Beware, the word "tak" is very close but means "ceiling".

(3)Location tends to say a lot about a band, just because of the stereotypes associated with the country or city they're from. When I think Paris, for example, I think things like Ed Banger -- dance stuff in general -- and some "real" bands like the Prototypes and Phoenix. When I think Sweden, I think beautifully constructed pop music, accessible to all, and full of hooks. Where do you guys stand?

ANTOINE: We definitely stand on the Parisian side, between dance acts because of the G5 production but definitely rock too. I'd rather play late for electro nights rather than classic concerts. Sweden wise, I love Abba, Envelopes and Stock, Aitken & Waterman ... I own Ikea furniture and went to Gothenburg once when I was 12. Hi to Maria Samuelsson by the way.

(4)Actually, speaking of Ed Banger ... I noticed that you guys are going to release "Junior" on Arcade Mode Records (a label closely associated with Ed Banger). It's cool to see integration like that ... when separate style join together under one umbrella, in this case, a common label. How'd the Ed Banger thing come up?

ANTOINE: Actually, "Junior" has already been released by Arcade Mode. Emile, the boss of the label/e-store needed a track for the '05 St Valentin release. The song is not about love at all, but sounded exciting enough for him to match. Ed Banger Records is a great label, I love the artists and the people working for it, some are friends too and they put focus back on Paris, cheerio.

(5)But you all certainly do have a dance sort of feel to your sound. A little bit of garage mixed in there, too. Actually, you've clearly got a lot of influences. What sort of stuff did you grow up on ... what sort of stuff do you listen to and like currently, too?

ANTOINE: I came to dance music quite late, I didn't go out much and my friends had to teach me about it. Still, Michael Jackson, even some Paula Abdul, all the shitty top charts pop acts of my childhood and their reverb snares were shaping. There goes Nirvana, some rap, indie rock, then post rock wannabe intellectuals, then slowly Daft Punk, then everything's blurred. I'm really exhausted at hearing Stooges covers. I want some more Spinto Band, Twisted Charm, Dr Dog, TV on the Radio or Akron/Family.

(6)What sort of musical background do you all come from? Your roots and such ...

ANTOINE: "Apache" by the Shadows as a first song played. Four tracks recorders. Finding friends who own a computer. Meeting new people to form bands. Now it's 7th and 9th chords with uptempo electronic beats with early Joe Jackson vibes. Playing bass with a pick. Lyrics come in the subway, on the way to/from work.
Poney Poney - Junior