The Teenagers Interview (Part 2 of 2)

the teenagers
(6) And what sort of stuff do you dig currently ... friends' bands, bands of people you know ...

THE TEENAGERS: I think that the most exciting band now is Justice. I also really dig my friend's music of Poney Poney, you should check it on MySpace. And i really like SLUTTT's music too. I also listen a lot to Klaxons. I met one of the guy last week, was really nice and i love their music.

(7) What sort of process do you incorporate for songwriting? Do you all work together? Separately? What's the situation there?

THE TEENAGERS: I mostly start to write the music but they help me a lot, like a band you know. Voilà and Mighteen write the lyrics and help me for the music. And when we are all happy with what we've done, we consider the songs is finished.

(8) What about future plans ... ? Got anything lined up?

THE TEENAGERS: For the future, hum. We don't really know. We will release our debut EP in America/Canada, with S.L.U ( We should be on the Digital Penetration 2 compilation. And in UK, we are talking with some labels...we don't know exactly what is gonna happens, so i can't tell you now. We will release singles to start, play live and then we'll see later...

(9) And in the meantime ... what's keeping you all occupied?

THE TEENAGERS: We are answering our comments on MySpace, and we are working.

(0) What kind of background do you all come from? Like, in terms of musical experience and otherwise. It's always interesting to know where groups are coming from in terms of perspectives and outlooks and that kind of thing.

THE TEENAGERS: We started to play music with Mighteen when we were 14 years old in our rooms. We were really teenagers and we tried to cover a lot of songs. It was very bad. I remember that one night, we recorded almost all the songs of the first RATM album with only Bass and vocals. It was so horrible. Then we played together in a indie band, bad too. And i bought a 4-tracks recorder. So i started to record songs home. Mighteen plays in a hardcore band too, and i have another project, a calm one.
the Teenagers - Homecoming