Wolfy Sonic Monday

wolf people
I've said it before, I think, but the way I think of my musical preferences and how I judge if something is "good" or "bad" to myself is how far to one extreme the stuff goes. Joy Division is absolute depression and cold, cutting atmospheric post-punk ... Beach House (whom I saw a few days ago!) is chilling and eerie, and oh my, those are some haunting vocals and organ parts. New Young Pony Club (I'm jumping all over the place here!) is ridiculous cliche-addled disco-influence dance rock with more edge than most bands can ever hope for.

So yeah ... I tend to gravitate towards ends of the musical spectrum.

And that's why I'm digging Rong Music, a NYC-based group that sounds like what would happen if the DFA/LCD Soundsystem tried to make Stone Roses covers while channeling truly old-school disco. They've got a MySpace page where you can check out a few of their tunes.

Cajun Dance Party's what would happen if the Cure went uber lo-fi. Imagine another version of the Research or something. But man are these North Londeners sweet and charming. Lo-fi stuff often comes off as being cheesy and not sincere, but these guys are honest and have just enough grime and edge about them that they will compel all types of listeners to give 'em a try.

It's really difficult for me to place Wolf People's sound. It's psych-rock, but wait, no ... not really. It's psych-post-punk. Or something. There's an accessibility about this music that is not akin to normal psychedelic stuff, and I like that. Imagine Franz Ferdinand getting a little heavier or something ... that's sort of what Wolf People is. Maybe some later Kinks in there, too? Not too sure, but definitely worth a try ... head on over to their MySpace page.
Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life (Demo)
Cajun Dance Party - Time Falls (Demo)
Wolf People - October Fires
Wolf People - Block Water
Wolf People - Empty Heart