Moderately Woozy

turbo crystal
Ach, I found this great little London-based label, Tiny Sticks Reocrds, and am currently in the process of being ... uber impressed by their output!

I'm really enjoying the absolute funkiness and bizarre nature of this Dondolo guy. It's like Daft Punk's day in Brazil or something. Plenty of bouncy, fat bass, clean, dancy guitar melodies, a little bit of punk, and plain fun all around.

Turbo Crystal is also exciting me quite a bit. Sparse, jagged, edgy disco with some wit and quaintness mixed in there. And I'm just such a sucker for bass, anyway, this French duo is too much for me to handle ...
Dondolo - Nobody Music (sample)
Dondolo - Tetanus Crisis (sample)
Dondolo - Dragon (sample)