I've Got to Go

henri faberge and the adorables
Three new, exciting bands for you here, the day after Thanksgiving (AKA "Black Friday," which truly is a day of death, so stay in). (Actually, it's a day of profits, but we'll let that go for now ... death -- remember that.)

I've this infatuation with the Bristol-based duo Munch Munch. They've these spooky, ghostly Liars- and Man Man-influenced aspects to their sound, but there's something more ... dead about them. As though they're recently revived zombies or something like that. A~nd, that drum machine reminds me a lot a lot of something that you'd hear in a Xiu Xiu song. Dancy, certainly, but man is this chilling. Oh, and hey -- they might actually have more than just two members.

Tiny Dancers sound, to me, like a folkier (and more British) version of Omaha's Tilly & the Wall. Cute, sing along sort of stuff, with plenty of hand claps and a sparse enough production to make anyone intrigued.

Lastly, I've got this one-hell-of-a-find ... Henri Fabergé and The Adorables, a tasteful and extremely talented garage-pop band from Toronto. I say garage, but that's mean, because it's not really true. Sure, these guys are rougher than most, and have a crass, brash sort of edge to them, but man do they write some beautiful pop hooks. At times, these guys channel They Might Be Giants (when they weren't old and watered down). And no one can disagree with a nice little Farfisa (or whatever that is). Seriously ... listen to these dudes now, and be an early adopter.
Munch Munch - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrl
Munch Munch - Flashbandmicrowaves
Munch Munch - Jesus Sex Party
Tiny Dancers - 20 to 9
Henri Fabergé and The Adorables - The Goddamn Light
Henri Fabergé and The Adorables - Ventriloquist Love