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Okay, in [belated] honor of the mid-term elections, I made this completely non-political short mix. Although the song by the Even is political, now that I reflect on what I just wrote there ...
Anyway, this has some fun stuff on it, and even if you don't end up liking the mix, I feel like you might end up digging a few of the tracks. So check it out ...
radio.bibabidi vol. 2 no. 3

{1}Nathan Fake / Grandfathered
{2}Caural / I Won't Race You
{3}Hot Chip / Sexual Healing
{4}Architecture in Helsinki / Neverevereverdid (Cave Rave Remix Yacht)
{5}MSTRKRFT / Community Revolution In Progress
{6}Crystal Castles / She Fell Out
{7}Animal Collective / Forest Gospel
{8}the Evens / No Money
{9}Deerhoof / +81