The Books - Lost and Safe

lost and safe
The Books are releasing their third album, called Lost and Safe, on April 5. The Books emerged on the music scene in early 2002 with Thought for Food and released The Lemon of Pink the following year. The duo describe themselves as

blipworld / fakegrass / speedblues / chamberclick / eccentrock / country&eastern / glitch post-anything music with samples

Now, what exactlly that means, I am not quite sure, but their music is always a fantastically interesting mash-up of just about every musical genre imaginable!
The new album will be featuring, as usual, cello, mandolin, banjo, and other uncommon instruments. I know that the album has been leaked, but I can't find any samples to give you all right now. Unfortunately, no one will be missing much. A band as distinct as the Books has a hard time, I'm sure, making their incredibly original sound unique every time. After two amazing albums, I think this one sounds like a repeat. Maybe it would be better (or at least more reassuring: "that's not how they usual sound") if the album were released as a collection of B-sides.