They Might Be Giants - Here Comes The ABCs

here comes the abcs
Don't get me wrong. I love They Might Be Giants. I did like their older stuff (Lincoln and before) the most, but some of the 90s work was good. Even their children's record was fun and cute, and I tolerated it.
But then they made a children's book.
And now they've made another children's CD. This one is called Here Comes the ABCs, and it is being released by Disney! I really have no idea how to take this. TMBG are going off the deep end ... they need to break up. I'm sorry.

And look at this tracklist ... the record seems to have been written for 3 year olds!

1. Here Come The ABCs
2. Alphabet Of Nations
3. E Eats Everything
4. Flying V
5. Q U
6. Go For G!
7. Pictures Of Pandas Painting
8. D & W
9. Fake-Believe
10. Can You Find It!
11. Vowel Family, The
12. Letter/Not A Letter
13. Alphabet Lost And Found
14. I C U
15. Letter Shapes
16. Who Put The Alphabet (In Alphabetical Order!)
17. Rolling O
18. LMNO
19. C Is For Conifers
20. Fake Believe (Type B)
21. D Is For Drums
22. Z Y X
23. Goodnight
24. Clap Your Hands
25. Here In Higglytown - (Theme To Disney Channel's Higglytown Heroes)