The Skeletons

the skeletons
I have been trying to find a webstie, article, MP3 ... anything ... by the Skeletons ever since I heard them at the Grog Shop 2 weeks ago (at the VHS or BETA concert).
Well, my efforts have finally paid off. I have discovered that The Skeletons are on an obscure indie label called Shinkoyo. Life and Afterbirth is their second album. Although I have not listened to it in its CD format, I heard a lot of the CD at the concert, listened to the MP3, and have so far been pretty impressed.

I think everyone should listen to them and judge the band for themself, but I personally fall into a sort of enchanted state of being when I hear their music. First off, their stuff sounds surprisingly Canadian ... there is something very innocent about it that is very noticeable in Canadian music (for me at least). They are from the Midwest (CHicago, Cleveland, etc.), however.
Try to imagine a more depressed version of Child Star by the Unicorns mixed with a nicer synthesizer (no, probably not a Casio in this case) and a more refined guitar sound. The singer has a really weird, high, and dreamy voice. The drum machine (they don't really have a drumer ... at the show they just used a drum machine and some cymbals and bongos - or something) ... so the drum beats they use sound very rigid and hip-hop-esque. I like the strange combination of styles and sounds, and highly recommend that everyone (including myself) buy the CD.