Cold Crush Records is now my favorite record label. They are the label that brought you some Hint Hint, Gravy Train, and Les Savy Fav. Now, however, Cold Cut has found a new band ... Mahjongg, and they are super cool.
Mahjongg is a pretty normal rock band, except they don't have a drummer. Okay, so I lied. I'm quite certain thats they do have a drummer, but he is so on beat all the time and so mechanical, it sounds like it is just a drum machine playing. Actually, they probably also have a drum machine going, so I was half right. I like their real rough sound, which fits so perfectly with the robotic drums and Strokes-esque vocals. I love Aluminum, and I want to buy their full album so bad!

I never heard of Anna Oxygen before, but she is also really cool! Listen to Spectacle, and be amazed. Anna makes her music totally solo, which I think is really cool. She combines smooth electronic beats and synthesizers with her soft voice in a terribly sweet way. I am so happy that I found her, because she is now my favorite solo singer!