Mu - Out Of Breach

Everyone's favorite crazy, yet talented, Asian-American "rapper," Mu is back with a new album. After two years of waiting, Mu fans will finally be able to hear her unique screeching over frantic hip-hop and dance beats. The sophomore album is called Out of Breach, and I am digging it. It was produced by Mu (Mutsumi Kunamori) and her husband, Maurice Fulton. The single, Paris Hilton is ridiculous, and very fun.

Check it out! You can listen to clips of 4 tracks from the CD here! Mu's style of music is so alien to me, I have no idea how to even begin to describe it in comprehensible English, so I suggest that everyone listen to her tracks!
Also, if you go here, you can view the Paris Hilton music video!
... She kind of reminds me of Kiiiiiii, or something ...