The Bravery Music Video

the bravery
I wrote about the Bravery earlier, and since then they have only gotten more popular and hyped. In fact, a recent poll that the BBC took forecasted that the Bravery would define the Sound of 2005! That's pretty good, right?
ANYWAY ... they've had this video out for a while, but I like the song Honest Mistake, and I enjoy getting a visual of the band since they definately have their wardrobe down pat.
Real Player video (hi)
Windows Media video (lo)

Trying to place the Bravery's sound ...
Are they equal parts punk and new wave? Not really ...
They are not 80s obsessive like their peers, the Killers ... ? No ...
I don't know! When someone gets a better read on them, tell me ... I'm interested!
(PS -- I have a whole bunch of tracks by them, so if you want an album's worth of material, email me ... )