The Nomi Song

Klaus Nomi was a weird guy. For those of you who don't know good ol' Klaus, he was Germany's crowing achievement in the world of 80s New Wave. He was, apparently, from Outer Space (here to save us all), but unfortunately died of the oh-so-humanly disease, AIDS, back in 1984 (I think). Yes, he was ahead of his time in more way than one.

ANYWAY ... February 4 marked the day on which The Nomi Song hit select theatres nationwide. Directed by Andrew Horn, the movie is a documentary of Nomi's life. The movie looks like Party Monster, if it took place 5 years earlier!
I have not yet seen the film, but so far, the press has not been especially good. You can see a trailer, however, right here. Have fun!

The most distinguishing feature about Klaus (musically) was his incredibly high voice. I was unable to find a full MP3 of a song by him, but you can listen to this sample of Total Eclipse, his "hit." I know that the clip is a mere 30 seconds, but those 30 seconds are absolutely blissful. Anyway, I'm sure that you get a good idea of what he was like.