Les Georges Leningrad

les georges leningrad
Montreal has become the center of new music recently. It is being proclaimed to be the focal point of the Next Big Thing in indie music by such publications as Spin and the New York Times, among various other publications.
Although Les Georges Leningrad has been around for several years now (they ahve relesed two records so far), it was only until the Montreal music boom that they became more recognized. I primarily wanted to mention the band because I am going to see them on March 1, and I cannot wait!

Les Georges Leningrad does not really fit the Montreal music scene trend, however. They are quite unique, like many other bands from the region, but they are so out there and quirky, that they cannot be considered in the same realm as, for example, the Arcade Fire. They combine a weird mixture of post-punk-revival and synthesizers. With their bold yelping (often times in French) and funky costumes, Les Georges Leningrad will not disappoint. I hope.