I remember listening to I Wasn't Prepared by Eisley several years ago. The young band promised a debut album "in the future," and although February, 2005 was later than when I thought the album would be released, they kept their promise.
I like I Wasn't Prepared a lot. In fact, you can listen to the song on their media player. However, I think that the other tracks on the website are not as good as I assumed they would turn out. This band seems pretty mopey, and trying to sustain a really low energy level throughout the LP is probably a difficult task for them. Regardless, I am sure that they will do well, and they are the perfect band for you, if you're into that Southern California disillusioned youth kind of thing.

Maybe I'm wrong, but didn't this band used to be called Mos Eisley? Also, I can't remember when I Wasn't Prepared first showed up on the internet, but the album version sounds exactlly like the one that I first heard. Either the band experienced writer's block, or they just got plain lazy for a while. Whatever, the album is out, and I'm happy.