Drawing Description Game

A British sculptor, Benedict Carpenter created an appealing little game that he has [not-so-creatively] dubbed, Drawing Descriptions Game. The game is really simple. You send a written description of a object, and then Mr. Carpenter renders the image with pen and pencil on paper. Some of them are really easy (i.e. a triangle), but others are rather difficult.

Hopefully, Mr. Carpenter is having fun trying to re-create the complex descriptions he has been receiving. Look at this one, sent in for the object picture above!

"This object is constructed entirely from one piece of tough but flexible 1 inch thick foam sheathed in shiny black plastic. It consists of a hollow dome-like structure approximately the size of a regular inflated balloon, aerated by regularly-spaced circular and elliptical holes cut into the top, back and side surfaces. On the furthest left and right extremities as you look at it front-on are two additional reinforcing lozenges of the same material, about the size and area of a flattened avocado. On the very top of the dome, two elongated semi-circular areas have been cut out of the material leaving a band of material running across the top laterally. At the bottom of the dome, both sides taper to a curved flap and then stop - bridging the gap from one side to the other is a lateral strip of strong black elastic 1.5 inches width, glued at one end to the structure and with a velcro fastening at the other end designed to attach to the facing flap. The 'front' of the dome structure has been cut away in an inverse triangle - above this gap, on a thick band running horizontally across, is an English word in white type and a small white circle containing two black characters in an oriental script."