Moby Update

I wrote about Moby's upcoming album, Hotel a while ago, but I did not hear any of it until recently. KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic show had Moby on, and he played one song from the new album. You can hear the song here, although you will have to listen to several minutes of (motsly political) conversation, which is rather boring ...

The song is dreadful (alright, so it isn't that bad, but it is not good at all). The first minute or so is really boring to hear, and when Moby himself actually starts singing, it doesn't get much better. The two big problems with this song are (a) that Moby isn't the main singer here because he doesn't start the song off (and the woman who does sounds like she is an opera refugee), and (b) the instrumentation and theme is lame. Try imagining really un-inspired reggae dub made by a 5 year old, and produced by Moby during his 18 period. And it's even more depressing to hear this song seeing as literally 10 seconds before the song was played on MBE, Moby confessed that the first 45 seconds of the song are boring, but you should give it a chance because "it is good." Not cool, Moby ... not cool.