The Raveonettes - Pretty In Black

Pretty In Black, the The Raveonettes' third album will hit shelves May 3rd. Although I am not a huge Raveonettes fan, I think they have an interesting sound. I thought it was cool how they recorded a whole album in B flat, even though it got a little tiresome after a while. And they have a well defined image. I guess they just aren't unique enough, and I never completely saw the Jesus and Mary Chain connection either ...

Anyway, the tracklist is as follows:

01. The Heavens
02. Seductress of Bums
03. Love in a Trashcan
04. Sleepwalking
05. Uncertain Times
06. My Boyfriend's Back
07. Here Comes Mary
08. Red Tan
09. Twilight
10. Somewhere in Texas
11. You Say You Lie
12. Ode to L.A.
13. If I Was Young

Apparently several of these songs have been played at live shows for quite some time, but I haven't heard them, so I'm excited to hear how they end up sounding!