leave them all behind
Whitey is a fantastic self-taught producer, guitarist, and all-around excellent electronic musician. His newest rockin' single, Leave The All Behind, was just released on 1234 Records. You can hear a really short excerpt of the song here. Unfortunately, the track is too short to judge if the single is up to his normal standards, but it sounds pretty good anyway!
Whitey released a full-length album called The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Train last year and it looks like he's back with more!

First off, I love Whitey's appreciation for analog music and quipment. I am not old enough to be able to compare the new electronic music with the older stuff, but I dig Whitey's sound, and I think it is partially because he uses old techniques to make distinctly new music. Listen to more samples of his work here.
Secondly, 1234 Records is also home to Cosmetique, an excellent London duo. Unfortunately, both artists are rather difficult to find music by in the States, but I know each well enough to say that they are both incredibly talented. You can listen to some samples of their albums here.