It's Official

th' corns
If Pitchforkmedia says it's official, then I think it's official. The Unicorns have announced that the pressures of making a follow-up album and constantly touring have finally taken their toll.
The source for this: the 'Corns' Guestbook ... signed "Alden and Diamonds" ...
Also, their publicist confirms the breakup. It's sad, but we couldn't run from the truth any longer.

But wait. There is good news! First off, the Houston show was not their final one! March 12th. Mark your calendars. The Unicorns are playing their real last show in LA. Why couldn't they have chosen Cleveland?
Also, the band says that they will be releasing more tracks (whether this means MP3 or an LP/EP, I don't know), and two of the band members will indeed be releasing some material under the moniker Th' Corn Gangg as promised. So, there is hope for the future ...