The Apes - Baba's Mountain

the apes
That crazy D.C. based band, the Apes, which has been described as having "a sound that resembles what would happen if Tony Iommi played organ rather than guitar in Black Sabbath," has just released its third album, Baba's Mountain on Birdman Records. I really dug their second LP, Oddeyesee, and from the little I've heard from the new album, I think I will not be disappointed with it either. You can listen to What We Do Best right here.

I was looking through some of Birdman's other releases, and I came across this (sort of dumb) video by Foetus. I think Foetus kind of sucks, and I was not impressed at all by Karen O.'s directing of the video, and Spike Jonze's assistance did not really stand out. Oh well ...