The Cobra Snake

the cobra snake
I don't really know what is so appealing to me about The Cobra Snake photographs. Maybe it's how all of the photos look natural in a very unnatural way. Or maybe it's because all of the people in the pictures are very interesting and beautiful, in their own, unique sort of ways. So many of the pictures were taken in clubs and at parties, and all of the people look like they're "in their zone." They all look natural, but also perfect. Not only do the pictures give me a good impression of the party they were taken at, but they make me really want to be there. I have never had that emotion evoked by just looking at photos.
Whatever -- I'm not making sense, I'm sure.
I really like this collection a lot.

What does this guy photograph for? Where does his stuff get published? Why does he get to go to the coolest parties? Who is he!?