I have been recently listening to Panico's Subliminal Kill LP, and I like it quite a lot. They are signed to Tigersushi, but are based in Chili. Apparently, they have been around for over 10 years, but this album is supposed to be their breakout. They obviously are trying to capitalize off of the post-punk/electro-dance movement currently going on, but at least they do a fair job of it. Also, they are a little more spastic than, say, the Rapture, and more like Brainiac or some band like that. One aspect to their sound I really appreciate is the organic and live feel they play with. Their music does not sound perfect (like it was recorded and re-recorded in a studio), but rather loose and garage-like. I guess I just like music that sounds more natural.

Buy the record here, and listen to some of it here. I want to buy it, but I never like dealing with euros and having to wait a long time to get things from Europe.