Chok Rock

chok rock
I am really digging Chok Rock, which is the stagename of a Parisian electronic artist named Gael Baillier. I like this little summary of Chok Rock:
One of these creative and agitated nights, Gael met Camille Bazbaz, a sensitive fragile and well known crooner, who defined the CHOK ROCK sound as “a futuristic dampness impregnated with sex”. He also met Cyril Kebellian, genius and mega-guitarist. Then Check Morris, graphic designer and videomaker, who created the CHOK ROCK visual universe.

I think that the graphics for the album and video are incredible. Check Morris has some really great stuff that he has done on his own, so you should all check it out!

You can buy the single here, where you can also hear some more samples and read more up on Chok Rock.