Seadrum/House of Sun

seadrum/house of sun
It took a while, but the Boredoms' latest "album" (it's only 2 songs, and, uh, didn't they break up?) is being released by Vice Records. In fact, you can stream the whole thing (all two songs) here.
I heard the thing when it first was released, and I was not too excited by it. Apparently, the record is just a bunch of outtakes and snippets pieced together, so I guess that's part of the reason that it isn't all that great.
Whatever, the Boredoms have been going downhill for a while. They're still really cool in my mind just for being there, but I don't really think they're going anywhere. Perhaps Japan's Sonic Youth?

I totally agree with Pitchfork's review on this one. "Where did they go?"
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