Four Tet - Everything Is Ecstatic

everything is ecstatic
I for one am very happy to see that Four Tet will be releasing their new album, Everything Is Ecstatic, on May 31. You can watch the video for Smile Around the Face right here. It's a kind of cool video, but the song is definately the highlight here.
I love the free-jazz influences that Four Tet incorporates into its unique electronic style, and this record looks like it will not disappoint in this regard.
Also -- really cool album art!

And now for the tracklist that I always provice ...
1. A Joy
2. Smile Around The Face
3. Fuji Check
4. Sun Drums And Soil
5. Clouding
6. And Then Patterns
7. High Fives
8. Turtle Turtle Up
9. Sleep, Eat Food, Have Visions
10. You Were There With Me