Believer Compilation

I thought that Dave Egger's McSweeney's comic book issue was stupendous, and Dave Eggers is just in general a very creative and intelligent writer and editor. His other magazine, Believer, will feature a compilation CD of artists whom he likes (and was able to get to record something for him). The comp comes out with the June issue of the magazine, and includes the likes of the Decemberists,
Spoon, and Wolf Parade (!). I hope that it is a good mix! Keep being uber-cool, Dave!

Ah -- and the tracklist!
01 The Decemberists - "Bridges & Balloons" by Joanna Newsom
02 Spoon - "Decora" by Yo La Tengo
03 Constantines - "Why I Didn't Like August '93" by Elevator
04 CocoRosie - "Ohio" by Damien Jurado
05 The Mountain Goats - "Pet Politics" by Silver Jews
06 San Serac - "Late Blues" by Ida
07 The Shins - "We Will Become Silhouettes" by the Postal Service
08 Josephine Foster - "The Golden Window" by the Cherry Blossoms
09 Cynthia G. Mason - "Surprise, AZ" by Richard Buckner
10 Jim Guthrie - "Nighttime/Anytime (It's Alright)" by the Constantines
11 Espers - "Firefly Refrain" by Fursaxa
12 Two Gallants - "Anna's Sweater" by Blear
13 Vetiver - "Be Kind to Me" by Michael Hurley
14 Ida - "My Fair, My Dark" by David Schickele
15 Mount Eerie - "Waterfalls" by Thanksgiving
16 Devendra Banhart - "Fistful of Love" by Antony & the Johnsons
17 Wolf Parade - "Claxxon's Lament" by Frog Eyes