The Mopeds

the mopeds
Although the Mopeds are not from Norway, they come from Sweden which is, in my mind, close enough. So, consider this post an extension of the last one.
Right - the Mopeds is this pretty good group that started out as a musical collective between two brothers, but has since solidified their line-up and sound. I'm not too good with Swedish music, so I'll just call their style "Swedish pop," that has some definate XTC, the Carigans, and The Presidents of the United States of America influences.
They really started putting stuff out in 1997, and their newest record, Fortissimo was released through Crunchy Frog Reocrds.

Crunchy Frog is also home to Junior Senior, which has just released a 7" single called Itch U Can't Scratch. If anyone has heard the song, please let me know how it is, as I really like Junior Senior.