Arkitip 28

arkitip 0028
As of late, I have been getting back into the world of arty skateboard-types. I have always liked Stacks and clothing brands like that, but I have pretty much ignored everything else those artists produce recently.
So ... the newest Arkitip magazine is coming out soon, and I am very excited to see it! There will only be 1000 (is that normal for them?) and they will all include an air freshener! I always liked how Arkitip included fun stuff like that with their magazine. Granted, the newest issue (0028) is going to cost $30, but maybe it is worth it!
I want!

Todd James did the cover, and, unless I am mistaken, Todd James (of REAS) is the man behind some early Beastie Boys artwork. I think. I like his stuff a lot. The REAS site used to be here, but it ain't no more. Maybe it'll pop up in the future.