British Sea Power Concert

british sea power
After unsuccessfully trying to see Decemberists show with my friends last night, we decided to go to the Grog Shop and see the other show playing that night, British Sea Power. We missed the opener, Roue, which is a local noise/punk sort of band that reminds me a little bit of the Fall (check out All About Time). But we did see Fiest, who was a bit of a disappointment. She seemed kind of bored playing her all acoustic set, and the audience wasn't really feeling her either. But she still has a very pretty voice.
So, next on was British Sea Power. I had pretty low expectations of them coming into the show, but I was actually pretty pleased with them live. They came on stage in costumes (sort of) ... one guy had toilet paper on his head, another had a laurel and a sort of tunic, and the drummer wore a funny fur hat and hard hat. They had good stage presence. The keyboard player would occasionally come down from the stage with a drum and bang on it and walk through the crowd. That kind of thing.
The most impressive thing about them to me was how much the singer's voice resembled the vocals from Echo and the Bunnymen. This aspect of their sound is not well replicated on the CD, so that is my one major complaint with it.

Otherwise, it was a great show. Good mix of relaxing and dancey songs, and a good set length. Plus, I got to go in for only $5 (instead of $16) since we knew the guy at the door.