The Ponys - Celebration Castle

the ponys
The Ponys, a Chicago-based post-punk/garage rock revivalist band, just released Celebration Castle, their second full-length record. I was listening to some of it on their website, and found Glass Conversation to be an excellent song. I have not heard much about this new record, but from what I have listened to and read, it is hookier and more melodic than Laced With Romance, the group's debut LP. Unfortunately, the frontman of the band, Ian Adams, just left the band, so I do not know what the future holds for the band. The record was, however, produced (or rather "recorded") again by Steve Albini.

And here is the tracklist, just in case ...
1 Glass Conversation Ponys
2 Another Wound Ponys
3 Today Ponys
4 I'm With You Ponys
5 We Shot the World Ponys
6 Shadow Box Ponys
7 Discoteca Ponys
8 Get Black Ponys
9 She's Broken Ponys
10 Ferocious