Oh, Yukari Fresh ... I will always love you.
I kind of lost my heavy interest in Japanese pop music, but because of my growing interest in making mix CDs for my friends, I "rediscovered" Yukari Fresh. As of now, I have been listening to her remix album, Me, because it is her newest. But wow is she good. Like the Unicorns, Yukari Fresh's music makes me terribly happy and sad at the same time. It makes me feel lost and hopeless, but full of emotion and warmth. I do not know why she provokes so much emotion in me, so I hope that this kind of reaction to her music is not foreign to everyone.
Just thought I should get that out there.

From an objective point of view, however, Me serves as a pretty decent album. I know it's been out for a while, but I like it, so it deserves a post. I like how there is a very eclectic mix of artists that remix her stuff, and I also like how the material that is remixed spans her entire solo career (which is something like 8 years by now). So, buy the album (for me?) here.
She is really pretty, by the way.