Rip It UP And Start Again

rip it up and start again
I don't really know why there are so many rock books being published these days, but it is the new trend, I think. Although From the Velvets to the Voidoids and Thurston Moore's Mix Tape books were sort of disappointing to me, this new book (actually from the UK), Rip It Up And Start Again, looks rather good. And for real this time!
The book documents the development of the post-punk movement, from 1978 - 1984 ... I can't wait to read it!
Punk's raw power rejuvenated rock, but by the summer of 1977 the movement had become a parody of itself. Rip It Up and Start Again is a celebration of what happened next: postpunk bands like PiL, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Talking Heads, The Fall and Cabaret Voltaire, who dedicated themselves to fulfilling punk's unfinished musical revolution. The postpunk groups were fervent modernists. Experimenting with electronics and machine rhythm or adapting ideas from dub reggae and disco, they were totally confident they could invent a whole new future for music.

It's a shame that the thing is only published in the UK right now, but at least is selling it for a mere 10 pounds.