Everything Bad Is Good for You

everything bad is good for you
I really enjoy reading books like Everything Bad Is Good for You (or, in this specific case, I think I will enjoy reading it), because they make me feel like my rebellious nature is being justified by more than one person (myself). I mean, when the author is telling you that watching TV is okay, then it makes me feel like I finally got mom back. Or, on a broader scale, when Bjorn Lmoborg wrote The Skeptical Environmentalist, I was happy to know that there are more trees in the USA than there were 100 years ago just because everyone else has been telling me that the environment is dying.
I guess it's comforting, in a weird way, to know that your contrary beliefs were justified, in some way, by someone else aside from yourself.

So, back to Everything Bad Is Good for You.
It looks like a very intriguing book (duh) by Steven Johnson, about how the things in the world around us are really not as bad as they seem. It goes on sale May 5. You can preorder it at Amazon.com.

Writing this post reminded me of the new book, Freakonomics, a really interesting book on the science of economics, written in a very humorous, yet scholarly way. You can also buy it at Amazon.com.