The Coast of Akron

the coast of akron
As I am from NE Ohio, I felt it my duty to write about a new book by Adrienne Miller, called The Coast of Akron: A Novel. I read an excerpt of the book in this month's Esquire, and found it to be interesting. I find it surprising that someone could actually write 400 pages on a sort of boring and bland city ("hey -- that's where DEVO and a whole bunch of tire companies used to reside ... "), but I'm sure there is much in the story that does not solely rely on location.
Anyway, I think that I will buy the novel in early May when it is released, or, more likely, when it comes out in paperback, or, even more likey, never (sorry, Adrienne ... it's not your fault).

Right-o ... book sounds cool.
Oh, wait ... I just found something out!
The reason there was an excerpt in Esquire is because the writer is an Esquire editor! How sensical!
P.S. -- "Whyever" should be a word ...