beauty and the beat
I am really not a rap or hip-hop fan, but occasionally, I will find something that is of interest to me. For example, I really enjoy M.I.A.'s stuff, Automato (to an extent), Mos Def, blah blah blah ...

And now, I have come across Edan (AKA the Humble Magnificent), whose base of operations is Boston (but appears to be more popular in the UK than in the US), is my new favorite rapper. His second album is out now, and is called Beauty and the Beat.

Edan's rap style is pretty unique, especially considering the current state of hip-hop. He draws heavily from rap's past, so everything he does has a real raw and old-school feel to it. His other influences include styles like Doo-Wop and people like Jimi Hendrix, making his sound all the more original and creative.

Also, it is pretty obvious that he comes from the Boston area, since Mr. Lif (a Boston-ite as well) appears on the album, and Edan has apparently collaborated with Esoteric and other Boston native rappers.