Gang Gang Dance

gang gang dance
Gang Gang Dance is a very strange and unique band. Now, with the release of God's Money, their second album (out on Social Registry Records), the band has truly developed a "style" that can be attached to their name. Although I am not quite sure what "style" that is, it is something that I've never really heard before. Some are calling it electronic music with a very organic flavor, others are dubbing it electronic-folk, but regardless of name, the group is fascinating and oh so terribly good! Although their music is darker sounding in nature, it doesn't seem straight up depressing ... it just sounds eerie and sort of mysterious. I guess I really like the ambiguous nature of their material ...

Think more accessible Excepter or Black Dice ... really excellent. Check out Untitled #1 (MP3) and a sample of Rugs of Prayer, Baron Samdi, and The Given (unreleased .ram samples) to get an idea of their stuff.