Tokion's King of Zine

the king of zine
Tokion, a great pop-culture-focused magazine (for those of you who didn't know), has this contest-type thing going on right now, called King of Zine. It looks like it would be fun to submit a 'zine to, as the panel of judges includes Adrian Tomine, Kevin Lyons, REAS, KAWS, and Ed Templeton. Wouldn't it be ridiculously cool to be judged by such a super-star team of artists?!

And the prize? It's unusal, but very generous. Not only will Tokion print your 'zine, but it will also provide you (the starving and poor arists, perhaps?) will one year of health insurance! Second place gets $500. Not bad, I must say.

It's funny because part of the rules dictates that you must create the 'zine with a standard xerox machine. I guess they want to prevent unfair advantages. Lastly, the contest is funded in part by Tylenol, through their Ouch campaign (their effort at reaching out to a new demographic.)
As a side note, I always thought it was strange that Tylenol is trying to appeal to younger consumers, but whatever ...