Kinji Fukasaku

fall guy
This post is mostly about Japanese director Kinji Fukasaku's 1982 film, Fall Guy, which I just recently watched, but, Fukasaku is better known for being the director of Battle Royale.
I don't really know what inspired me to watch Fall Guy - Battle Royale was so terribly scary, and I have not watched a Japanese film for quite some time - so why I would chose a seemingly average Japanese 80s comedy is beyond me ...
Anyway ... the movie was actually, overall, pretty funny and good. It kind of revolves around the usual Japanese love-triangle theme, but with an interesting twist. "Fall guy" (think "really stupid stunt man") refers to the profession that one of the characters takes up in order to provide for his wife, who is pregnant. But the main star of the film in which the "fall guy" is stunting is also interested in the "fall guy"'s wife. It's so dramatic, right!?

The movie was so ridiculously 80s-fabulous. Corny music, fast paced, lots of quick zoom ins, and that signature 80s gloss over the film. There is just something aesthetically pleasing about 80s film to me, and I am not quite sure what it is, but Fall Guy nailed it.
Fukasaku also did Sympathy for the Underdog, the Yakuza Papers (both of which were recently released in the US for the first time), and many other films. As we all know, he died a couple years back, and his son had to finish Battle Royale II in his stead.