Tomer Hanuka

The New York City native (although he has recently moved to London), Tomer Hanuka, is my new favorite artist. I am not sure for how long I will like his stuff, but for right now (at least tonight), I think his artwork is the coolest thing. His work looks like it's been influenced by Paul Pope, another great comic artist who often creates incredibly complicated and complex sci-fi comicbooks with a similar edge to them. He has done a comic, called Bipolar Comics, tons of work for the New Yorker, and some CD cover art (he made the Bazooka Tooth cover for Aesop Rock).

Yeah ... definately a very cool, very edgy and hip style he's got there. Crisp lines (my favorite), vibrant (but thematic) colors, and some nicely done computer effects. He is a pretty good at combining style and design with art, which makes his stuff quite appealing ...