Out Hud and Hella Concert

let us never speak of it again
Last night (Tuesday). Grog Shop. Got to one of the best concerts I have ever been to at 10:30 PM.
That show was friggin' awesome. Hella is one crazy band. The drummer ... when he was in "normal" mode, he was playing faster and harder than most drummers can sustain for their 20 seconds of soloing at the end of a song. He was ridiculously talented. Their music was more spontaneous and jazz-like in nature than I expected it to be. Not really my thing, but very good. I bought their 2X CD album, Church Gone Wild/Chirpin Hard, which is "supposed to be like their live show." I can't imagine that you would ever be able to replicate that show ... wow.

Out Hud was better than I had expected them to be (and I had high expectations to begin with). They made som excellent dance music, and I was so pumped, so it was an excellent time for me to be at the show. I restrained myself and did not listen to any of their new music (except for 2 songs), so the show was, for the most part, a surprise to me! I loved those girls, and I thought it was so cool how the little one played the cello on some stuff! The "leader" of the band was very high energy and funny.
Q:"Why did the pope fall out of the tree?"
A:"Because he's dead!"

Awesome, awesome show.

Out Hud mentioned a band called Supersystem, that I have since looked into. I think that one of the members of Out Hud is in the band ...
Anyway, the band is really great ... I want to hear/see them on the 28th so bad! Check out their stuff at Myspace.