The Rock Snob's Dictionary

the rock snob's dictionary
As I am a rock snob myself (or else I would like to think I kind of am), I think it is necessary for me to buy this new book, The Rock Snob's Dictionary, an A-Z reference book of the Rock Snob World.
We've all been there--trapped in a conversation with smarty-pants music fiends who natter on about "the MC5" or "Eno" or "the Hammond B3," not wanting to let on that we haven't the slightest idea what they're talking about. Well, fret no more! The Rock Snob's Dictionary is here to define every single sacred totem of rock fandom's know-it-all fraternity, from to Zimmy. (That's what Rock Snobs call Bob Dylan, by the way.)

So now I will be able to show off to all my friends and appear to be the biggest snob ever! How fun! Buy the book at, and join the rock snob ranks!