Tokyo Prison Art

Not my favorite artist, but still a good one, David Choe is having a show at The Powerhouse Gallery from April 23 - May 21. The show is called Tokyo Prison Art, and was created while Choe was in a Tokyo prison. Apparently, he was thrown into solitary confinement for four months for assaulting an undercover cop in the city. Giant Robot wrote a story about the incident a couple issues back, and it was pretty funny. Choe stole some stuff from a store, ran from the "security guard" that followed him, punched him out, and was quickly arrested. Knowing that the Japanese view suspects as "guilty until proven innocent," (and probably don't look too highly upon foreign prisoners to begin with) it sounds like Choe's experience was rough. Apparently, some of the pictures were created utilizing his own urine and soy sauce.
Look at some of the picture here.

I am actually pretty impressed with the quality of the work he did in his cell. I tend to think that Choe's style is too rough and messy, but these works appear to be more refined (which, I know, is counterintuitive). I would like to check some of the work out for sure!