Lessons in Taxidermy

lessons in taxidermy
Uusually I do not show much interest in what I call "underground-novelists." These are the writers who print their novels up like they are mini-comics: use a xerox machine occasionally, draw up some terrible cover art, write bad stories for the most part, and never get "signed" to a big company that will distribute to Borders and other stores.
But, I recently came across this book by Bee Lavender called Lessons in Taxidermy. I have not yet bought the book, so it may very well be incredibly nicely printed, but I am assuming that since it was released by Punk Planet Books, it is not going to look as high-quality as something printed by, say, Random House.
You can buy the book for $12.95, or else take some time and read the first chapter.

I like Bee Lavender's writing style. Kind of dry, but very mysterious and eerie as well. Or something. Maybe I really should buy the book ...
Oh, and here is Bee Lavender's website.