Weezer - Make Believe

make believe
It is kind of sad to see the ultimate in geek/nerd bands go totally mainstream, but I still love the guys of Weezer. Their new album, Make Believe, is due out on May 10. The lead single, Beverly Hills was released on the 29th, and you can listen to it here. I think that Pitchfork was a bit harsh in giving the track a one star (out of five), but I must agree with them in that the song is not much of anything ... it's kind of like something they used to do, kind of poppy, kind of more rocky, kind of blah.

But I mean, I think everyone is probably feeling, to an extent, nostalgia for the band that was so out there. The band that made the Sweater Song and was immediately (and permanently) ingrained in all our minds as the best nerd rock band out there. So, to see them do anything more mainstream (this new album being their second "big" effort to appeal to the masses ... re: the Green Album) makes us just feel bad that the old Weezer has left us. And so has River's goofy bowl cut.