The Juan Maclean

the juan maclean
My heroes at DFA Records are finally releasing The Juan Maclean's first album. The record is called Less Than Human, and will be released on July 4, 2005. You can sample all 9 tracks on the radio page. I am a little scared to listen to too many of the tracks, but the first 30 second of tracks 1 through 3 sound excellent.
I love the DFA.

The Juan Maclean has been around since the early 90s, but, to my knowledge, has not released anything more than a couple singles, so I am sure that it will be a relief for him to finally get something out there. The Juan Maclean is touring a bit with The Glimmers, a great DJ group. I would love to see one of the shows, but LCD Soundsystem still remains my favorite.