De Novo Dahl

de novo dahl
Who would have thought that Nashville would produce a band as cool as De Novo Dahl? (Hint - not me). Maybe I misjudged Nashville, or perhaps I've believed the stereotypes I grew up with too much, but I definately did not expect a great pop sextet (like De Novo Dahl) to emerge from the city.
The band has countless influences, but funk, rock, and Brit-pop seem to be the most apparent to me.
Although they draw from a very eclectic palet, their sound is surprisingly unique, and pretty focused on "their own thing," which is really good. They just released a double album called Cats and Kittens, which you can listen to part of right here, and buy it here.

I especially like the songs in which the female sings. Piggy's Adventure is particularlly good. The group uses a lot of organ and Farfisa-sounding keyboards, which I think make their sound fuller and more original. Really great stuff ...
By the way, they are a really good looking band.