Fischerspooner - Odyssey

Well, it was really diasappointing to see that Pitchfork gave the new Fischerspooner album, Odyssey a 7.3! I really, really, really don't like the album. It's bad. Very boring synths, bland (and dumb beyond belief) lyrics, and pretentiously arty. Why did they, the kings of scathing record reviews, have to give the album such a [relatively] high score!? What's up with that?

Part of the reason I feel stupid about the review is because, for some ridiculous and unknown reason, I base my record-reviewing merit on Pitchfork's standards. If I write a review, and their review is close to mine, it makes me think that I am a good record critic. Insecure? Perhaps. I gave Odyssey a 2.5, and it should be published on Exploding Plastic pretty soon ...