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love zombies
Another great band that is often, for some reason, forgotten: the Monochrome Set. I think that this is partially due to the fact that the band was born from the same group as Adam and the Ants, the B-Sides. When the B-Sides changed their name to Adam and the Ants, Lester Square and Big stepped out to form their own group ... the Monochrome Set. Their style is quite different from the Ants', though ... I like to think of them as the first nerd-rock band ... these guys were playing clean, witty pop songs before the Weezer kids were in even high school students.
Their first album, Strange Boutique, was a post-punk record before post-punk became awash with irony and archness ... slightly condescending, but all in good humor. Love Zombies, their second LP, was more accomplished ... crisper guitar and bass work, better songcraft, more confident vocals. Wry ballads with an alt-rumba vibe ... and more witty song (i.e., "In Love, Cancer?") ...
After Love Zombies, the group descended into a long period mediocre releases before fizzling out in the early 90s. A true shame indeed that these guys were never recognized for their awesome talent.

Here is an excellent Monochrome Set fan page ...
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