An Assortment

mono taxi
Agh, this Japanese internet connection is bumming me out! It's becoming increasingly difficult to connect and just ... ah! frustration!
Anyway -- I was able to listen to a few bands on the internet during this period of limited connectivity, so I will report on them now.
I like Mono Taxi because (a) they have a really good, sexy vocalist and (b) they play a very nice, calming shoegaze kind of music. Their breed of shoegaze, however, is very crisp and guitar-pop oriented, making for a little bit of a twist on the aging style.
What else do I like now? Well, I like this guy named Kent Lambert who records music under the name Roommate. He does this cool bedroom space-pop/folk sort of thing that, I'll admit, I get tired of after a while, but is worth a listen every now and then. I like listening to "bedroom music" because it reminds me of Twee stuff and the Unicorns, my favorite band like, ever. Listen to Tuesday and Fresh Boys.
Last on my plate is Think About Life, a neato Montreal(?)-based dance music group. I like their combination of annoying Casios and distorted vocoders ... it's good Halloween music, or something. Childish sounding, but thought-out, and therefore ... um ... good (sorry -- temporary brain failure).